UNILADs Man Ripped Out Womans Intestines After She Screamed Out Her Exs Name During Sex image

A man has admitted to flying into a fit of rage, disemboweling his girlfriend with his bare hands and murdering her after she twice screamed out another guy’s name during sex.

Fidel Lopez said he flew into a jealous, drunken rage and “became a monster” towards his inebriated partner Maria Nemeth after she cried out her ex-husband’s name during rough sex inside their Sunrise apartment’s wardrobe in Florida.

Furious, the 24-year-old reportedly shattered a sliding glass door, punched holes in a wall and ripped a closet door off its hinges, before returning to the now-unconscious 31-year-old Nemeth and mutilating her with various objects and ripping out her intestines.

Apparently this sicko also shoved a beer bottle, a hair iron and both his fists into the woman’s sexual organs while she was out cold.

UNILADs Man Ripped Out Womans Intestines After She Screamed Out Her Exs Name During Sex image

After calming down, Lopez claims he carried her body to the bathroom and splashed water on her face to try and revive her. After giving up, he washed his hands, took a cigarette break and finally called the cops to tell them his lover wasn’t breathing.

Paramedics found him sobbing over Nemeth’s naked body lying in a pool of blood. She was pronounced dead at the scene 30 minutes later.

Lopez later claimed that she had died after their sex session got out of hand, saying she asked him to insert a beer bottle and his fists in her after a night of drinking tequila in their apartment. His story went that she then stumbled into the bathroom to vomit but he later found her having trouble breathing and called 911.

Lopez later changed his story and described how he carried out the brutal attack in a fit of rage. He was arrested on a first-degree murder charge on Sunday afternoon and is currently being held in jail.



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