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Job 8 :7 ” Though your beginning was small, yet your latter end should greatly increase.”

With the modern fast life with fast things such as fast cars, fast food, fast deals etc; most Christians also want fast solutions. Pastors want to grow their churches within a month, young graduates want to rise to CEO within a week, owner of a hawker wants to grow to chain of stores within a fortnight. If they don’t achieve this and they seem like they are still small, they give up and become disgruntled. They ignore the scriptures that clearly indicate that our beginning may be small but we won’t remain like that forever.

As Christians, we need to learn to thank God for our humble beginnings because they will be a testimony in future. Don’t give up because you are small and never despair.

God wants us to grow from there. This is because even though we start small, our end is determined as great. Do you know that EVERY idea born of God has the capability to grow and affect the World? If what you are pursuing is born of God, don’t give up. 1 John 5:4. “For whatever is born of God overcomes the world….”

Jesus echoed that in the Kingdom we start small but we have potential to grow.Mark 4:30-32 ” He also asked, “To what can we compare the kingdom of God, or what parable can we use to present it? It is like a mustard seed that when sown in the ground, even though it is the smallest of all the seeds in the ground; when it is sown, it grows up, becomes the greatest of all garden plants, and grows large branches so that the wild birds can nest in its shade.”

Zech 4:10 “For who dares make light of small beginnings? These seven eyes will joyfully look on the tin tablet in Zerubbabel’s hand. (These are the eyes of the Lord, which constantly range across the whole earth.)”

Do not make light of the humble beginnings. Instead put in systems that would make and support your growth so that you become big. Ensure you employ or choose the right people in influential positions who have skill to make your organization grow. If you lack human capacity, build it in your organization. If you need special training on growth, you need to learn. If you lack resources for growth such as money, then mobilize them using legitimate means. As you grow, our heavenly father is honored.

I am favored of the Lord. Though I can start small, I am assured of being big. Everything I place my hand on is big in Jesus name.Amen

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