The government of Malawi has challenged Rumphi East MP Kamlepo Kalua to produce evidence to support his claims that the government purchased vehicles for the President and his top officials worth MK3 billion.

Kalua is said to have told Parliament last week that he has the information that the government bought 14 vehicles for the President, 2 for the vice President 10 for the Principle Secretaries (PSs) and 30 others for government top officials worth MK3 billion.

The MP also expressed his sadness over government conduct, saying the government is fighting with Parliament on baseless issues in order to tarnish the imaged of few individuals who are innocent.

Reacting to these claims, Minister of Information and Civic Education Jappie Mhango trashed the calims saying it is not true and urged Kamlepo to produce evidence.

“All that Government knows is that no vehicle has been bought for any member of the Executive, including any member of the civil service.

“The only department of the civil service that has received a new fleet of vehicles is the Malawi Police Service. This spending was necessitated by Government’s recognition of the need for tight security in the country which can be guaranteed through, among other things, easy mobility for our police. As we all know, the availability of security is one of the critical catalysts for socio – economic development,” said Mhango.

He added: “The public is hereby being assured that Government will not waiver on its commitment for tight and prudent spending.”

Mhango said government will continue to rationalize spending by committing resources to only those matters that attend to the needs of the people of Malawi.

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