I just want to cry out as there is power in the social media. I am a young girl of 27 years. I live with my dad in Blantyre, lost my mum 10 years ago and have been sustaining the family for a while now as my dad’s business collapsed due to some circumstances.

I am a graduate and very hardworking, I have worked in few places in the past but I want to say I haven’t been lucky.I worked with a transport company in Chitawira as at Feburary and after working for 3 months we were asked to stop with no pay on the note that the company was collapsing and they had no money to pay staffers.

It was so painful because I live at Chilobwe and have to go through a whole lot of stress and pay up to K500 a day for transport to be at work despite we worked weekends. I felt so used but prayed to God to take control and judge them I got another job in september in Chirimba, I didn’t want to take it because I had my fears about salary issue after my past experience but looking at the situation at home where they depended on me for survival I had to let go of my instincts and take the job. It was very stressful, the distance, the constant work on the system and sometimes starving just to be able to save up for transport. Despite the distance I always got to the office by 7:30am to resume 8:00am so you can imagine when I leave my house.

When it got to pay time, I was told my boss traveled and there was no talk on salary till after a long while. I also want to add that on one of those occasions I was going to work, I was robbed and my phones taken from me, it was so painful but then its part of life. My female boss eventually took pity on me and paid me for September, I told her I would like to stop but she encouraged me to continue with the impression that I was just tested on my patience. I continued work and now halfway into this month of November i am yet to be paid for October.

The worst part is my boss has refused to show up at work, he avoids calls and sends no message. I eventually got across to him with a strange number and when he picked he said he has a lot of issues he his going through but I can stop coming to work; just like that. I asked him for my pay and he said no money at the moment, I should stop.

I really feel bitter as I have no one to fight for me and worse is I have debts I incurred in the process of going to work. How do I offset them and start again when am practically cashless. My monthly pay is K60,000 and it can’t be too difficult for a man his caliber to pay but I feel he just wants to cheat me knowing there is nothing I can do.

Please what do I do? I feel so bad, I don’t even know what next to do as am so confused.

Why are the employers taking advantage of the jobless graduates and using them? How bad can it be for someone not working and then after working you get tossed in the bin?

I want God to intervene but I need help. Please pardon any grammatical blunders and errors, as I am not in the right frame of mind.

– by Mary (a FOM reader)

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