Police at Kamuzu International Airport (KIA) on Monday intercepted chamba (Cannabis sativa) weighing 5.5kg which was covered in metal paper foil and designed to look like a cake.

According to KIA Police spokesperson, Sgt. Sapulain Chitonde, the chamba parcel was posted from Zomba and it was heading to UK.

Chitonde said the parcel was intercepted at one of the airport’s access point (cargo) and that investigations were still underway to identify the sender.

“The drug was skillfully concealed in metal paper foil and it was covered with various spices and some funny cake colours,” explained Chitonde.

Nine cases of drug trafficking have occurred at KIA alone this year, according to Chitonde, the latest one being the arrest of a South African cocaine dealer, Siyabonga Kom, on November 6 at the Arrivals Halls on his way from Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Kom was found in possession of cocaine weighing 4.2kg and he has since been fined MK700,000 by the Mkukula Magistrate Court in Dowa.

KIA police have since challenged that no drug or dealer would go scot free at the airport because the security personnel there are professionals.

“At KIA we have a security system that no drug smuggler would beat,” dared Chitonde. “That is why we are able to intercept illegal stuff trying to make their way past this airport.”mana

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