Deputy government Chief whip in Parliament Grace Obama Chiuma on Tuesday pleaded with the opposition MPs to give government time to investigate the circumstances surrounding the arrest of a late Tasokwa Msiska’s sons.

The plea came in the house following a motion moved by Rumphi East Peoples Party (PP) legislator Kamlepo Kalua, seeking clarification on the arrest from Minister of Home Affairs, saying the issue was of national importance.

Kalua brought the issue in the House using Standing Order 14 of the House which allows members to bring in the house an issue of national importance.
In his speech, Kalua pleaded with the government to release the sons to continue mourning their father.

Reacting to the claims, acting government Chief Whip Henry Mussa told the house that the House cannot discuss the issue because the minister of Home Affairs was not available as she was sick.

The reaction did not please the opposition benches in the house who started shouting on top of their voices, saying business will not continue in the house until the truth is known on the matter.

Peace returned in the house when Chiuma told the house that government will explain the arrest today Wednesday.

Late Msiska’s sons were arrested earlier this week for allegedly mobilizing mourners at their father’s funeral to chase away Minister of Information and Civic Education Jappie Mhango.

Mhango is being accused of having a hand in the death of Msiska as he blocked funds to help the deceased access better treatment when he was ill.

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