State President Arthur Peter Mutharika has urged the country’s disciplined forces to remain committed and patriotic in persevering peace in the country just as they do when deployed outside the country under world and regional missions.

He made the remarks on Friday during the commissioning of 45 officer cadets at Malawi Armed Forces College (MAFCO) in Salima.
The cadets were commissioned to the ranks of Captain, Lieutenant and 2nd Lieutenant.

“Be ambassadors of our national pride. As Malawi, we have gone to preserve peace in Rwanda, the DRC, Liberia, Burundi, Kosovo and more recently Sudan. And we marched home in conquest with glittering medals of high esteem. The international community has always commended us. We must defend this spirit of patriotism, keep up the flag of integrity, and march on with the unrelenting force of hard work,” said the Malawi leader.

He added, “ In the same spirit, I wish to urge you to obey all lawful orders and stay committed to the service of the State” The cadets, who started training on June 1, 2015, graduated with a vast knowledge which includes Peace Support Operations, Humanitarian Relief Operations, Civil-Military Relations and Conflict Management and Resolutions. Eight of the cadets were female to which President Mutharika committed his full support to ensure they work under a meritorious environment in regards to women empowerment.

“I congratulate the 8 female cadets who successfully accomplished the training and rose above the challenges to the last triumphant march. I, as your Commander – In-Chief, shall always ensure that deserving women in the military are given all deserved opportunities,” he said.

In extending his support, the President also promised his continued support to the disciplined forces in his role as Commander-In-Chief. “And I hear the whispers of your worries. I know whatever is happening in the barracks and camps. And I wish to assure you I shall do everything possible to free you from your worries, and to empower you to perform your duties better. This we shall do for the sake the territorial integrity of our beloved country. And this I shall do for your sake, because we value everyone of you from the lowest to the highest rank,” said Mutharika in a speech in which he repeatedly referred to Malawi as a great and determined nation.

In his remarks, Army Commander Ignasio Maulana assured the Commander-In-Chief and Malawians of continued diligence and high levels of professionalism from the cadets that have graduated and the whole force. Malawi Armed Forces College, formerly known as Kamuzu Military College, was founded on October 8, 1976 by Malawi’s founding President Kamuzu Banda. The college has graduated army officers both from Malawi from other countries in the region.

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