President Peter Mutharika has strongly warned government and party officials from meddling in the operations of official maize markets as this conduct affects the livelihoods of the poor masses.

During a speech at a political campaign rally in readiness for next week’s by-election in Zomba Chisi constituency, President Mutharika assured Malawians that no one is going to die of hunger because his caring government has everything under control.

He disclosed that government has purchased over 100 metric tonnes which is being made available in all ADMARC markets for people to buy at reasonable and government-sanctioned prices.

“No any other person whether a government official or party member should abuse their privileged positions to divert maize meant for Malawians for personal gain. If you are found doing that then you will be very sorry,” he warned.

He reminded the gathering that Democratic Progressive Party remains the only party with clear development goals for Malawi. He pointed out that many things have already happened during his 18 months in office among which are construction of 17 community colleges, construction of over a thousand houses for the poor and several road projects across the country.

People of Zomba Chisi constituency go to the polls next Tuesday to elect a new Member of Parliament following the death of Peter Mangulenje some months ago.

During the President’s speech, he led the gathering in paying homage to Mangulenje’s spirit through a minute silence. Mark Botomani who will represent the DPP said in a separate interview that he is sure of victory and continuation of development that Mangulenje initiated since 2009.

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