Information sourced by FaceofMalwi indicates that the High Court in Mzuzu has vacated an injunction obtained by some opposition People’s Party (PP) members blocking the appointment of Uladi Mussa as Interim leader and Kamlepo Kalua as Third Vice President for the north.

Mzuzu High Court Judge Dingiswayo Madise granted an injunction to the five PP members [Salim Bagus, Zelesi Gomani, Bornwell Kapatuka Phiri, Daniel Kaipa and Cliffa Khondowe] restraining the appointment of the two, accusing Joyce Banda of flouting the results.

The development heightened squabbles in the Party as top officials started accusing each other with Khumbo Kachali, former Vice President and Mussa being on the forefront of finger pointing.

But yesterday the Party through its legal adviser made an application through the same Court to vacate the earlier injunction which was granted.

In his determination, Judge Dingiswayo Madise faulted the initial applicants (Salim Bagus) for failing to exhaust all the internal remedies before rushing to the court.

The Judge accused the five of contravening Section 36 of the party’s constitution which provides that disputes regarding interpretation of the constitution shall be referred to the Legal Affairs Sub-Committee for settlement.

Madise then referred the case back to the Legal Affairs Sub Committee of the People’s Party to call all the concerned parties to hearing to be held in a space of 14 days.

Meanwhile development means Uladi Mussa and Kamlepo are free to take up their positions

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