He only left Malawi to study Biology in Turkey, but John Nyambi has also been building a varied resume in the Turkish entertainment industry.

After finishing in the semis of the Turkey Got Talent show in 2013, he got a deal to star alongside Turkish feted theater actor, broadcaster and singer Serhat Kılıç in the comedy film Robinson Crusoe and Friday (Cuma).

The movie, which was filmed in Cuba, was released in September last year and also stars Turkish theater and voice actor Beyti Engin. The Malawian confesses it has opened a lot of doors for him as he reveals he has now gone into full-time acting.

“It’s a big thing that has happened to me, it has changed my life completely,” acknowledges Nyambi.

He tells Nyasa Showbiz in an interview “Acting with those top actors in the Turkish film industry has been an amazing journey, not to mention the role of main actor on the first movie which has been showing in over 200 cinemas in Turkey and all over Europe.”

Robinson Crusoe & Friday in cinemas.

Nyambi is currently in Malawi on holiday and is expected to travel back to Turkey “in a month or so” where he is slated to shoot a number of series.

“I’m just waiting for communication from my manager who is negotiating for a new series, once it’s confirmed I’ll be leaving,” reveals the 22-year-old.

Sharing his vision in acting, Nyambi, who grew up at Nchalo in Chikwawa and went to Turkey in 2011, states that he wants to end up in Hollywood.

While claiming he has been getting a lot of offers from Germany, he states: “İ wanna go far. I’m aiming to act in big Hollywood projects one day. İ’ve had this dream and this is just the start, big things are coming.”

Nyambi (2nd from left) establishing himself in the Turkish film industry.
Nyambi (2nd from left) establishing himself in the Turkish film industry.

In the music circles, Nyambi is a hip-hop artist known as Jaguaroges. In 2014 he released a music video called Balling Like Hule, which Malawian TV stations could not play because of the word ‘hule (prostitute)’.

To keep his music business alive, he is “working on something” with Trace, a Malawian DJ based in South Africa.

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