Mike Kukada, 24, popularly known as S Kwon, is one of the up-and-coming rap music artists carrying the Malawian flag high in Dublin, Ireland.

His latest release is Forgive and Forget, a song that features a top Irish Nigerian singer-songwriter, Weirdz, .

The rapper released visuals for the song on YouTube, and the video is expected to be on Malawian TV channels this week.

S Kwon started his music career in 2007 after being inspired by USA rapper Cassidy at a young age whilst in Malawi. He has worked with well-known Malawian producers such as Pro-Pee and Tricky Beats as well as artists like singer, Kell Kay.

“I’m currently working on an untitled album that will be released this December and will collaborate with other Malawian artists,” tells S Kwon.

“I will also work with a Zimbabwean artist called MK.”

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