President Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika has come out of his cocoon to trash calls for the immediate firing of seven Cabinet Ministers implicated in the ‘MK577bn forensic audit report’’, saying he cannot act on rumours.

Mutharika’s remarks follow reports hovering on the social media from those officials that have seen the audit report, saying seven top cabinet Ministers are implicated.

In a statement on Sunday, Presidential Press Officer Mgeme Kalilani said Mutharika is concerned with how the issue is being reported, saying the issue has legal complications because the names contained in the report are yet to be released.

“Consequently, in the absence of this information from the Auditor General, the issue of names of seven Cabinet Ministers or any Cabinet Minister allegedly being implicated in the audit does not arise.

“It is, therefore, pure misinformation and lack of sincerity for some individuals and media houses to be accusing the President of not acting on some ministers allegedly implicated in the MK236 forensic audit when information on the individuals and the alleged implication is not available. The President should not be expected to make policy decisions based on rumours or speculation,” reads in part the statement.

He added” Any individual or institution purporting to have names of individuals or organisations allegedly implicated in the MK236 forensic audit should come forward and provide the names with the necessary evidence rather than engaging in unhelpful rumour mongering and making unreasoned demands.

“In same vein, innuendos by some politically partisan comedians that the President is shielding some so called ‘‘seven senior Cabinet Ministers’’ should be dismissed with the contempt they deserve. Such comedians should be reminded that running government is serious business for serious persons and that, it, is not comedy.”

Kalilani said Mutharika waiting for the Auditor General and responsible state agencies to finalise legal processes necessary for the release of the results of the 2009-2014 forensic audit so that necessary investigations and corrective measures can be taken.

Meanwhile the money plundered has since been revised from downwards the audit query amount from MK577bn to approximately MK 236bn.

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