The Malawi Police Service have advised organizers of the demonstrations against the Customary Land Bill to call it off or face unspecified action, saying the law enforcers will not be able to provide security to the group.

The National Assembly two weeks ago passed a Customary Land bill which was presented in the house by Minister of Land and Housing Atupele Muluzi. Through this bill Malawians will be forced to pay tax on their land they inherited from their ancestors.

The Bill has attracted condemnation from all corners with most of the people accusing the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) of being inconsiderate and other Malawians led by Billy Mayaya went ahead to plan for demonstrations scheduled for today.

But Police have blocked the demonstration.

Speaking in an interview with the press, Lilongwe Police Spokesperson Kingsley Dandaula said the Police will be busy with other engagements.

Dandaula advised Mayaya not to continue with the demonstrations, saying doing so will be against the law.

On his part, Mayaya said he will continue with the demonstrations, saying the reason given by police is baseless.

Meanwhile Malawians have complained of the DPP turning the country to a police state where police instead of protecting the citizens are harassing them.

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