The religion defines humanity; it is full of mystery that makes even scientists, professors and several renowned people to go into worship places while humbling themselves in praising their God, so whether their right or wrong in doing so is none of critic business.

In case you missed it, controversial rapper Namewee has been detained, as expected. The Johorean, whose real name is Wee Meng Chee, was arrested upon his return to Malaysia from abroad for allegedly insulting Islam in his recent music video, “Oh my God.”

In July, after the video was uploaded, some 20 NGOs lodged police reports against Wee, saying he had, among other things, mentioned the name of God inappropriately, made fun of the Muslim call to prayer and depicted Muslims as terrorists.

The offending video, for his song Oh My God features him rapping in front of places of worship around Malaysia.
However, Namewee insists that Oh My God was intended to promote religious harmony.

But on Monday August 22 2016 Malaysian police remanded the 33-year-old singer in custody for four days to investigate him for “defiling a place of worship with intention to insult religion”.

In Malaysia, when they discuss religion, they tread a fine line between freedom of expression and insult of faith.


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