The deeper notes of a poem emerge when they are heard in the master’s own voice. The world briefly stops turning, the audience thrilled and enthralled, awed and stilled as language for a moment becomes more like music, rich and resonant and words turn into objects.

Such is an experience Lilongwe poetry audiences are salivating to have.

Unlike Blantyre which is still cherishing the 17 April show at the Blantyre Cultural Centre (BCC), Lilongwe`s hunger and thirst for poetry is boiling at the highest entertainment rate because it has been starved for a long time.

But thanks to Nthukutila Ya Ndakatulo in collaboration with Nyasa Promotions that have come to feed and gratify the hungry minds of Lilongwe fans with more entertainment on 25 September this year at the M1 Centre Point Lilongwe.

One of the group’s chairpersons, Sylvester Kalizang`oma says all is set for the Lilongwe show and it will be a feast for all poetry lovers.

“For a long time, Lilongwe fans have been omitted on the poetry menu.

But this time around, we are coming with an entertainment bomb at the M1 Centre Point Lilongwe as you know Nthukutila Ya Ndakatulo and our partner Nyasa Promotions are known as the hub of organising entertainment shows beyond the regions of Malawi, and the platform for all skilled artists,” explains Kalizang`oma.

He adds: “We promise that artists will fly the flags of poetic devices and some hot vibes, and the audiences of Lilongwe will not regret.”

After the show on 25 September, there are plans of going to South Africa for other performances.”

The show will be decorated by a number of artists such as Hudson Chamasowa, Joseph Madzedze, Sylvester Kalizang`oma, Raphael Sitima, Wamtali Savala Gogoda, Samuel Joseph, Mada Nyambo.

Amazing musicians Collins and Innocent Chitimbe will be backed by the live band.

Aunt Gate real name Kenwood Sambalika, Mr Malawi also known as Snowden Tembo, Atcheya Frank Naligonje, Mr India will also shine the day.

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