These are reasons; why some men like women with well shaped butt


Why do some men like women with well shaped butt?

Some would say the response to this question is hard to get. while other men admit that they  feel good touching it, it arouses them easily sexually but should not be too big.

While some say big butt are just attractive at sight but worse in bed.

Women have also discovered that men are looking for women with big and well shaped butts hence they prefer to put on cloves that are likely to show off their butts’ size.

Some men like touching butt, especially huge butt because it believes they feel relieved and emotionally relaxed with the first touch on it.

There are some also who said that a woman with wider hips and bigger breasts (to a male subconscious), would be more capable in ways of child bearing and breast feeding than a super slim streamlined woman with a smaller chest.

This is not so for every man, though it is an accepted thesis. Everyone has a different vision of beauty, which may only be skin deep.

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