As Malawians continue to experience persistent power outages, water shortage and a sharp rise in the price of commodities on the market, President Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika has ignored all these challenges and managed to buy a new multimillion luxurious vehicle.

Mutharika first used the vehicle on Thursday during the official launch of the National Identity Cards project at Bingu International Conference Centre (BICC) in Lilongwe and during a campaign rally at Mchinji Boma.

According to a research done by this reporter, the vehicle, a 2016 Toyata LEXUS LX 570 is in the range of US$140,500.

The 2016 Lexus LX 570 is a large, four-wheel-drive luxury SUV that slots above the smaller GX 460 and has seating for up to eight passengers.

The vehicle has a lot of components namely; one-piece Spindle grille, a new eight-speed automatic transmission, a 360-degree view camera system and climate concierge.

The purchase of the vehicle comes at a time when Malawians are banging heads on the recent hike of maize by government.

Commenting on the vehicle, Henri Jali, a concerned citizen accused the government of taking Malawians for granted.

“This is taking Malawians 4granted. He is not the only one. Remember the parliament vehicles scandal involving the speaker & leader of opposition? It seems this is typical of our politicians.

“They enjoy living in opulence at the expense of their ppo. In our blindness & stupidity, we keep voting them into power for reasons even a dog would laugh at. God help us,” he said.

Concurring with Jali’s remarks Duffy Dublino said the money used in purchasing the vehicle is enough to buy beds in three Referral hospitals in the country.

Meanwhile government officials are yet to respond on the matter.

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