African countries are doing better in empowering women as some topped the world gender gap list than United Kingdom and United states which are just good at forcing others to do it but not find themselves doing it.

The US slipped down to 45th on their ranking of countries by gender equality, behind four African countries and UK is on position 20.

One of African countries, among others which made it among the top 10 countries on the list is Rwanda which secures the 5th position.

But if you are a girl and you belong to UK and US you might just consider packing your bags and leaving as none of the countries seems favourable to your gender, reveals the Global Gender Gap Report 2016

The other countries which made it to the top of the list are: Finland, Norway, Sweden, Rwanda, Ireland, Slovenia, New Zealand and Nicaragua.

Gender gap index

The World Economic Forum (WEF) reports that according to the study a baby girl born today has to wait 83 long years to see the gender gap in health, education, economic opportunity and politics completely close around the world.

.On Wednesday, October 26, the WEF— a Swiss nonprofit foundation committed to improving the world on business, political, and academic front — published their annual report. The 391-page text revealed some interesting findings regarding the status of gender equality around the world. They detailed which countries were doing the best at closing the gap.

The forum rated and compared 144 countries on four metrics: economic participation and opportunity, educational attainment, health and survival, and political empowerment.


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