If you come home expectedly and catch your spouse having sex with your sibling, what would you do?

This woman is very desperate as she witnessed such  situation, and she wrote to marriage advisor for a way out.

“Dear advisor,

My name is Rita, a 32-year-old married woman with two kids. I have been married for eight years now but I am presently done with this marriage.

Though my family and friends have advised that I give my husband, Sunny, another chance so that I do not become a single mother, I have decided to move on because of what he did.

You would not believe that I caught Sunny having sex with my own younger sister, Daphne, on our matrimonial bed.

If that is not enough to leave him, I don’t what is. I knew that Sunny had severally cheated on me with different women but since I had never caught him at it, I just played the fool and behaved as if I did not know, after all, what the eyes does not see, the heart should not grieve about.

But never in my wildest dream would I have expected that he would do it with my own sister and the pain is so much that if I continue to live with him, I may end up killing him.

It happened that I travelled to abroad on official assignment and had to call Daphne to come and stay in the house to take care of my children.

That was not the first time I had invited her over anytime I travelled but little did I know that I was inviting trouble into my home.

Daphne, at 26, had always been the black sheep of the family with no meaningful relationship at her age but how would I have known that she would extend her body to my husband.

I was supposed to come back to home on a Saturday but on Thursday, my boss called that I should come back to the office as there was an emergency that needed my attention urgently.

I had to quickly call the airline and rescheduled my flight back and flew home earlier than expected. I had some things I had bought for my kids and husband as well as Daphne, so I had to go home to drop them before going to the office.

I saw no point in calling Sunny as I felt he would be in the office at that time, so I took an airport taxi home.

The first sign of trouble was when I saw Sunny’s car in the compound but I thought he had decided to go with their staff bus, something he did once in a while.

When I opened the door and saw the whole place scattered, I made a mental note to let Daphne know she should have cleaned up the place.

I dragged my bags to the bedroom with the intention of just dumping them and dashing back to the office with the taxi that brought me.

But as I was making my way to the bedroom, I heard some sounds that froze me to a spot. They were the unmistakable sounds of a couple making love. In that moment, it flashed into my head that Sunny had brought a woman home to have sex.

Without thinking twice, I barged into the unlocked bedroom and lo and behold, there were my husband and my own sister on our bed, having sex.

My screams must have brought them back to earth as I faintly saw them rush for their clothes. I passed out and only became conscious in the hospital.

It has been three weeks since I witnessed the abomination and I am currently staying with a friend while contemplating what to do.

Sunny and my family members have been begging me but how would I live with the knowledge that my husband and my sister had sex on my matrimonial bed?


Would you put yourselves in Rita’s shoes and tell her what you think she should do.


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