The parents of a 16-year-old girl with albinism  have thought it better for their child to quit education in order to save her life.

Their daughter, Catherine Nelson was in Standard Eight at Pilimiti Girls Primary School in Zomba, but unknown people have been reported coming regularly, desperately for her life, reaching the extent asking her friends to hand her over to them.

Her teachers have confirmed the development , and said that Catherine , has temporarily been allowed to go home following indications that there are some people who were after her life as reported by her friends and communities around the school.

Speaking while at her home in Mangochi, Catherine looked quiet  worried as  her future is uncertain  following  she has withdrawn from school in fear of being killed because of her condition..

“They have been asking my friends to take me out of the school campus so that they can abduct me. In some cases, they were offering them money but I am lucky that my friends loved me and they told me that I should not go outside the campus. My friends were also doing all my chores,” said  Catherine with a startle in her voice.

Zomba Police Spokesperson, Patricia Sipiliano, confirmed that the law enforcers received a complaint from the school authorities that there were other people who are suspected to have wanted to abduct the girl. She said currently police are engaging with the communities to establish more details.

But the girl’s mother Lucy Chilanga said she could not have afforded to be living in Mangochi while her daughter’s life was in danger in Zomba.

“When we received reports from her teachers, we rushed so that we could assess the situation and we were told by the school authorities and some members of the community that leaving Catherine at the school was risky because the said presumed assailants are seriously following her,” said Chilanga.

Meanwhile, Catherine’s parents  do not want their daughter to go back to school for her safety , better have her uneducated than losing her further.

This is second time the girl  has been withdrawn from school by her parents as a precautionary measure.

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