A lady living with the HIV virus in Ghana has vowed to infect more than 400 men before she dies since a man infected her with the disease.


A Ghanaian lady living with the Hiv virus has vowed to make sure she infects as many men as possible before she dies.

The lady whose name has been given as Naddy Obeng, in a Whatsapp chat with one of her friends, allege that she has infected eight men already and would not die alone as she embarks on a nationwide tour of spreading the disease to randy men because one of them infect her the same way.


A screen shot of the leaked message shared on social media by the friend with the handle @emmanwandud, shows Obeng boasting that she has successfully gotten eight men and is on a mission to infect at least 400 men before her time is done.

See the chat screen shots here and be wary of this pretty lady who is on a deadly mission.woman-affected-with-hiv


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