For decades, she has been loitering around in the streets of Blantyre like any stranded kid. Alms were the source of income for her everyday life, and family.

On the other hand, her name dances joyfully on the lips of many artists, MCs and fun seekers. Her face holds the qualifications of a stand up comedian whenever she is performing live on stage and selling CDs, DVDs of both famous poets and musicians.

Her friendliness is a natural cake that nobody can deny. Indeed she is a darling to the residents that patronize poetry, and music shows in Blantyre.

That’s female poet Mirriam Kuboma who has unleashed a debut poetry album called Mulungu Wakwiya Nafe which is yet to be launched.

And thanks to Nthukutila Ya Ndakatulo, an arts group which has rescued her from the jaws of street begging as her name is now recorded in the book of Malawian poets.

Kuboma says the lifetime dream of producing her own poetry album has now been fulfilled through the management of Nthukutila Ya Ndakatulo.

“For a long time I have been reading poetry, following the live performances of great poets on stage, television and radios, and my prayer was to follow their footprints. I am pleased to inform the general public about the release of my debut poetry album, Mulungu Wakwiya Nafe which I believe will have massive airplays in local radio stations.

I owe everything to the Almighty God for giving me the talent. And special thanks should go to my mentor Sylvester Kalizang`oma and Nthukutila Ya Ndakatulo for both emotional and financial support.

Again, with heartfelt appreciation I also thank Evelyn Hazel Gadama, producer Alfred Chitenga Phiri, Dais Captain, my parents for the team work and prayers. I urge all poetry fans to support my album and I promise that I will never let them down,” explains Kuboma.

The debut album has 15 poems such as Mundiuze, Tsiku losaiwalika, Sinnabwerere izi, Chibwana Chanu Makolo, Ndine Bwana, Mudziwerenga Baibulo, Nkhondo Mu Dziko, Mulungu Wakwiya Nafe just to mention but a few.

Chairperson for Nthukutila Ya Ndakatulo Sylvester Kalizang`oma describes the coming of Mirriam Kuboma as the miracle to the family of Nthukutila Ya Ndakatulo and the entire poetry industry in Malawi.

“Many people know Nthukutila Ya Ndakatulo as the hub of promoting fellow poets, and culture in Malawi.

And this time around, we are introducing an upcoming poet, Mirriam Kuboma to the fans as she is ready to entertain them with a new touch of poetry this year. Malawians should wait for the launch of Mirriam which is coming soon.

As usual, we applaud the full support that the local media give to the gifted poets like Mirriam and others,” says Kalizang`oma.

He adds: “As we are taking local poetry to another height, we would like to remind other poets of the goodness of Nthukutila Ya Ndakatulo as the door is always open for more people to register as members.”

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