Ways To Make Your Woman Scream Your Name In Bed, Finally Revealed


There are few things that make a woman cry and scream out your name when you are giving it to them and it is an art that has to be perfected.

There are a few things that every woman wishes men did more of in bed and here are the top 6.

1. Giving her an orgasm before action starts

The ability to give your woman an orgasm even before penetrating her has been described as the biggest thing women wish men did more of them in bed. Most men don’t do this, but instead, they awkwardly go straight to the actual sex as fast as they possibly can.

This means that foreplay usually consists of a few minutes of the kissing, followed by a few minutes of  breast stimulation, followed by a few minutes of ‘fingering’ and the ultimate penetration.

Hey bro, no woman wants this. If you can spend a little more time in making sure she reaches that peak even before you jump in, she would be yours anytime you want her.

If you can give her an orgasm before you penetrate her, then it’s guaranteed to be good sex in her book, even if you don’t last as long as you would like.

And on top of this, giving her an orgasm will make her more responsive and much more likely to have another orgasm during the action.

2. Paying attention to seductive zones on her body

For some men, the breast, clitoris and the G- Spot are the only points on a woman’s body worthy of attention but women don’t want you to only pay attention to these spots instead they also want you to pay attention to their whole body.

Seek them out and make sure to go to work on them and watch your woman become meaty in your hands:

Tips: Try the back of her neck, her ears, the curve within her legs, her toes, the fingers, the navel, the valley between her breasts, her lips, her forehead.

3. Lasting long in bed

Women don’t mind if you don’t last that long in bed, as long as you’re good with your fingers. It is also okay for a man to only last a few minutes in bed but not before you must have given her the pre-sex orgasm.

But women absolutely hate it when a man shoots off too soon because it prevents them from having orgasms. How would you feel if a woman got you close to an orgasm, then all of a sudden stopped, rolled over, and went to sleep?

You can only imagine the frustration she gets when you splash the moment you get inside her.

You need to know how to last 30 minutes in bed at the minimum. If you really want to drive women wild, then you should learn how to last over an hour in bed.

And of course, you can have a quickie once in a while, but most of the time, women will need a minimum of 30 minutes of intercourse to have multiple orgasms.












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