Most women have all it takes to brag about their natural body but they tend to be shy when it comes to show casing the bump on their back.

Well, if you are one of those ladies meet the big booty instagram model Alejandra Gil who will give you courage to be proud of what your mamma gave you as the words goes “If U Got It, Fraunt It”.

Alejandra Gil walked around the streets wearing a G-string and attracted public`s attention that saw guys taking pictures of her and even made fellow women feel jealousy of what she was carrying behind her.

As to the look of her booty in the picture, you wouldn’t be wrong if you suggested that she caused marriage break ups and even inspired fellow women with no bump on their back to start looking for possible ways just to have a booty like her`s since she attracted every man`s attention.

She has the type of booty that would make a respected married man go back to his matrimonial home the next day with empty pockets after he had dished all he had to her.


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