Although other men like Chriss Brown do have a killer accent, charm and well grooming, our boys here in Africa have so much to offer too.

That realisation led me to compile reasons why one should date an African man. In this article I will include my original reasons but include more reasons which I have not written about.

Their Looks

I surely know you are a lady who belongs to the small fraction of the darker community who wears her skin with pride. The pressure to bow down to modern ideologies which emphasize the goodness of lighter skin tones over darker ones is definitely real. Am pretty sure that you are a lady  very much sweet toothed. You cannot deny that you love all types of sweets and you have always been a fan of dark chocolate and you can’t seem to get enough of it. Having said that I don’t think I need to say much… unless maybe you would prefer I post one or two pics of this dark chocolate that I speak of?

His work ethic

It’s an open secret that African men and women take the lead when it comes to great work ethic. Africans pride themselves in their ability to never shy away from hard work.

You might be a modern woman who is up to date with the latest trends but believe me as long as you still know your culture and value it you would not beef an African guy.You might be called sweetheart, pumpkin, babe and any other similar name but that`s just nothing.

In as much as you are becoming more modern, adopting Western culture at a faster rate than previous generations and generally becoming more tolerant to other cultural norms, you still do have your roots firmly cemented to some stubborn traditions. No matter how tolerant you become as you interact and adopt other ways of doing things, certain things will not be as easily eradicated just as 2 PAC said in his song “changes” that there are some things which will never change.

His comic side

Most ladies look for a man who is able to make them laugh. Laughter is in most cases the best medicine. Women love a man who is able to dissolve the tension in a situation through comic relief.

These are my reasons why African men are men to date.

There are many more reasons that I could have included in my list, but for now I will stop here and maybe one day comeback with a follow up to this opinion article.














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