By Robert Kumwenda

Morton Ussi Umodzi Party Regional Governor for the south says the party is getting stronger day by day.

He said they are receiving overwhelming support as people from other political parties are joining it on daily basis.

“This is because of sounding policies the party has. There is unity is the party because our President Professor John Chisi tells us to be united, love one another because we are all Malawians,” he said.

Ussi added that their president advised them to work together and be patriotic.

He further said that they will work with Traditional Leaders if voted into government in all developments projects and the Traditional Leaders will lead the development projects saying that where there is a primary school there will be a secondary school starting from form one up to four,” he said.

“So far we are on the ground building party structures in Blantyre, Neno, Chikwawa,Mulanje and Balaka just to mention a few. Our main goal is to reach all the fifty three constituencies in the southern region.

Concurring with Ussi, Charles Mujuli Umodzi Party’s District governor for Limbe said many people are joining the party in the three constituencies of namely Balantyre City East, South and Blantyre Bangwe.

He said the people are joining the party after hearing the good policies the party has on the radio.

“They are touched with our policies that is the reason why they are joining the party. Another reason is because our president does not promote tribalism, he encourages us to love one another because we are all Malawians regardless of where we are coming from.

Mujuli said Umodzi Party is the only party that can develop this country under the leadership of Professor John Chisi
He added that they are receiving people from other parties whenever they meet adding that they will field candidates in all the 193 constituencies and councilors in all wards.

Amosi Kamaga a Blantyre resident who has just joined the party said he made a decision because of the good policies the party has
He said previously he had no party but was touched with the policies the party has especially in the areas of health and education.

So does Memory Mnoniwa who has just defected from the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) who said she made the decision upon hearing what members from the party have been saying in the meetings she has been attending.

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