Many people look so hard for new jobs but end up making costly mistakes that deny them the jobs during interviews. These are some of those mistakes you have to avoid.

  1. Poor preparation.

Basically if you don’t prepare well for anything in life it is always certain that you will always end up with a disastrous outcome and same is true for poor preparation towards your job interview. If for example you were asked a question like “How does your qualifications and experience matches with the position you are applying for’’. Chances are that lack of prior anticipation to answer a question like this may just make you screw up the interview. This simply arose because you did not prepare for such a question. Hence, it very important you prepare adequately by knowing how your experience and qualification matches with the role. There are other things you should know in preparation for your interview. Top 40 Tips to answer tough interview questions tells you more.

  1. Late Coming to an Interview.

Going late to an interview is probably one of the biggest mistakes you should avoid. Some interviewer may structure the interview to starts by observing candidates that comes late and may even use that against you during the interview session. Going late to interview has several negative effects one which is not giving you an opportunity to relax your mind before going to meet the interviewer. Research has shown that candidates who go late to interview are most likely to screw up by giving wrong responses because of mood state of mind.

Always try to keep to the stated time as announced for the interview. If possible it is always good to arrive at the interview venue 30 minutes before time so that you have enough time to get focus. Try to arrange your travel logistics ahead if the venue for the interview is far so that you do not encounter hiccups on your interview day. Remember time management skills may be part of characteristics the interviewer is looking for and you may not want to give a bad first impression.

  1. Shabby Dressing and unkempt look.

Most people do not give much attention to their outlook when embarking on an interview. Your physical outlook matters a lot in defining you are inwardly. It is therefore important that before going for an interview you appear clean, sharp and professional. The general recommended dressing for all interviews is the English suit and tie unless otherwise stated. Ladies can appear on a clean ironed suit with a nicely made hairdo. Do not over dress in other to impress the interviewer. Do not use offensive perfumes and also do not wear bogus earrings or any form of nose rings. Even if the position is not a professional one, it is advisable to appear professional. Dressing says a lot about you and your appearance may just land you the job.

  1. Poor communication skills.

Poor communication skills do not always mean your inability to communicate properly but also it could mean your excessiveness in talking too much. An excellent communication skill is critical in all interview process. Most interviewers give much attention to the way you communicate. Your interviewer certainly will be impressed if you are able to communicate efficiently. During the interview always endeavor to keep your eyes on the interviewer and keep yourself at ease by not shaking.

  1. Failure to answer questions.

Pay rapt attention to the questions that you are been asked before answering. You may want to spend some second before responding but always ensure you think before you talk while you do not want to talk before you think. Do not stop to think for a minute before responding as you may consider not been analytical enough or not been a fast thinker. Do not also give wrong answers as this could impede you progressing to the next phase of the interview.

  1. Inability to distinguish yourself.

Inability to convince your employer interviewer on what value you intend to add to their organization may cost you the position been interviewed for. It is advisable to distinguish yourself from the crowd by highlighting what unique experience you are bringing to the position you are applying for.






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