Woman Who Had a Baby With Her Brother At 12 Is Pregnant Again.


Tressa, aged 23 who was previously raped by her brother and forced to give up her first daughter after social services discovered the baby`s dad was her brother is pregnant again.

                         jailed for raping his sister – Jason

Tressa who became a heroin addict spending up to 400 euros per day on the drug after social workers took her baby away has now cleaned herself up and is now expecting a baby with her long term partner Darren(30).

                     holding a picture of her first daughter Toni

This time, Tressa has vowed not to give up her second child to social services in case they come again.

“This time the baby is coming into happy, secure home with two aldults who are going to adore him or her and do everything we can to make sure they have a healthy and happy upbringing.

“I will tell our child about their big sister. There will no secrets because she is still a big part of our family.

“My hope is that one day my two babies can meet each other but who knows whether that will happen.”

As a child, Tressa would perform sexual favours for booze, cigarettes and small change.

Tressa revealed that one day she engaged herself in sexual intercourse with an old man when she was just 9 only for 2 euros.

She protected Jason her brother who raped her by telling relatives that the pregnancy came under the influence of alcohol that she and her brother had taken the night they had sex.

After she gave birth in 2006, Tressa was allowed to keep her baby named Toni for two years but after she admitted that her brother was the father she was denied contact with the child and later her brother was jailed for raping a sister.

Toni is now almost as old as Tressa was when she had her.

Tressa and her husband Darren struggled to conceive again that made her to start thinking she was being punished by giving up her first child Toni.

                           happy couple – Tressa and Darren

She said, “I know it sound crazy but when I was trying to fall pregnant and it wasn’t happening, I thought the worst.

“Not having my daughter with me still affects me every single day and I thought I was being punished for what happened with her, for letting her go.”


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