A man only identified as MRA officer is battling for his life in hospital after his wife whom he caught in bed with another man set him ablaze.

                                            the victim

Reports says, the man was on night shift on this fateful day and suddenly he started feeling unwell that made him to knock off and visit a clinic for checkup. From the clinic he went straight home where he was shocked to see a strange  car parked outside his house.

When he got into the house, he found his wife with another man in bed. The wife pleaded for forgiveness but the husband insisted that she should immediately leave the house. She however requested to leave the next morning since it was dark and that it would be dangerous for her to walk at that time of the night.

                               the victim and his family

The husband allowed on condition that she should sleep in the children`s room. Before the next morning, the wife attempted to burn him to death than to suffer embarrassment when the sun comes out.

It is established that the wife used petrol that was in the cane kept in garage.

The woman has been apprehended by the police and she is to answer the charges of arson and murder of the two children who died due to the burning inferno.

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