By Robert Kumwenda

Professor John Chisi, President of Umodzi Party (UP) has faulted the reports which the Finance Minister presented during this year’s mid-term Budget review that the country’s economy is improving.

He said for the economy to improve there must be indicators such as reduction in food prices, job creation, reduced unemployment rate and sustainability of all indicators of economic growth. So far the country cannot point at any indicator that point towards economic growth.

He said what we hear is that service servants are agitating about salary increases, there is VAT on commodities that are meant to sustain life. This has resulted in a massive increase of the food prices. This is a clear sign that the economy is not improving. Indeed one can even say that the economic growth has halted and if anything it is going in reverse direction.

“The statistics which the minister is quoting in parliament it is not a true reflection of what is the realty on the ground. How can economy grow when utilities like water and electricity remains a challenge to many business people? He said.

He said the revels of corruption in the country as revealed on international index are going high. This has retarded economic growth the point that the basic necessities that are in need in our hospitals are not available. Hospitals have no drugs. The mere fact that the Finance Minister has reduced the budget is a clear indication that the economy is not improving.

“For the economy to recover government has to make deliberate effort to empower entrepreneurs to manufacture goods and employ people. In the absence of visionary, forward thinking and planning, Malawi economy will not get out of these challenges regardless of what the minister says,” he said.

Both the leader of Finance for People’s Party (PP) and the main opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP) have also dismissed the minister statement on reports that the country’s economy is improving

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