Malawian citizens and other people from different countries are living in fears in South Africa as their homes are being burnt following the xenophobic attacks against Nigerians.

Several residents are left homeless after the community members allegedly set their houses on fire in a wave of violent protests against drugs and prostitution that has resulted in more than 10 houses believed to be drug dens torched in Rosettnville, Southern Johannesburg.

One of the victims, a Malawian citizen in South Africa, Eluby Mwale testifies through South African Tv channel eNCA.

In her speech, she said she has lost everything including money and almost 80 pairs of shoes which were supposed to be exported to Malawi.

“I have nowhere to go, I have got a kid and on Saturday night I slept outside with the kid with no food, no clothes, who is going to help me?”

She continued to say, “I am an innocent woman, these people saying that this house belongs to Nigerians and I am not a Nigerian.”

“I am a Malawian, my husband is a Malawian and all my sisters are Malawian citizens. I feel bad; I don’t know where to go. Some people whom I don’t know helped me with money to sleep at the lodge last night but what about today?”

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