Hassan Langat was caught having sex with his dead daughter after entering a room to check on her body.

A 45-year-old man, Hassan Langat, who lives in Molo Township, Kenya, has paid with his life after a mob caught him sleeping with his teenage daughter’s corpse.

The teenager, who was a class six pupil before her passing had reportedly died from a brain tumour disease.

Upon her demise, her father ordered that the corpse be kept in a separate room, but he had ulterior motives which has now led to his death.

NairobiWire reported that Langat was taken to the St. Joseph Hospital, Elburgon where he gave up the ghost while receiving treatment.

Joseph Ngeno, the Sarambei Sub-Location Assistant Chief confirmed the incident stating that the girl’s body was being prepared to be moved to the mortuary when her father pounced on her corpse.

“The girl’s body was taken to a separate house in line with Kalenjin traditions as the family waited to transfer it to the mortuary,” Ngeno said.

He added that Langat angered neighbors when they caught him pants down while he was supposed to be checking on his late daughter’s corpse.

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