Stephanie Otobo has denied allegations againts Apostle Suleman
Stephanie Otobo

Controversial Nigerian pastor, Apostle Johnson Suleman’s alleged lover, Stephanie Otobo who revealed how the man of God got her pregnant and dumped her afterwards, says the man of God always demands her nude photos before going on pulpit.

Apostle Johnson Suleman
Apostle Johnson Suleman (OFM)

In a video published by SaharaReporters, Stephanie Otobo made many revelations saying the preacher says her nudity makes him speak in tongue.

However, in social media reaction by the man of God on Monday, March 6, he voiced out his disgust about the class of lady that was used to frame him up and also made mockery of Nigerian politicians.

Apostle Suleman tweeted saying: “Just saw the picture…they could have used a more presentable lady…Nigeria politicians and comedy.” This post got a lot of reactions as someone urged the pastor to stop reacting on this issue but to remain prayerful.




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