Below is a story of one woman named Anna, who kindly needs help as she claims she is in love with her neighbour`s husband.

I am a female aged 26 and I have a 3 year old child though not married.

I stay with three neighbours in my gate and I can admit I love my other neighbour`s husband.

I have a child with a man who cheated me that he was single when in fact he was happily married with three children.

When I discovered that he was married, I was heart broken because I was two months pregnant for him.

I can’t go into much details but to cut the story short, I dumped him.

I have been single for three years after he broke my heart and it so happen that I knock off late from my work, so it is hard for me to meet new friends.

Now about a month ago, I found my neighbour`s wife kissing a man outside our gate and I have found them with the same man three to four times.

All this happens when the husband goes out for work. As a woman who admire a normal house with a husband I find it strange.

The issue is that my neighbour`s wife is cheating and I know it. I interact with her husband and I developed feelings for him.

The truth is that I want him. Can I go ahead and tell him what the wife does when he is out to win him?


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