A prophet in Zimbabwe, Madzibaba Noah, who tells women to remove their shoes and underwear before entering his holy ground has expressed that those who question him have corrupt minds.


It was gathered that women who usually attend his shrine leave their homes without their undies.

The prophet expressed that what he does is a good thing, saying that does who question him have corrupt minds. He said:

“At the same time you will discover that only people with dirty minds start making noise otherwise this is for a good cause” One of the members of Noah’s shrine explained that she did not want to attend the shrine at first because she was scared of the rules.

She said: “At first I was afraid to come to the shrine after hearing that one should take off her shoes and underwear. Since I had serious problems in my marriage I was left with no choice, but when I got here I discovered that madzibaba does not even touch you during orayers.”

Another member expressed that the prophet tells them to put their hands in a dish of water before solving their problems.

Noah’s assistant, Madzimai Esther, also revealed that women that are on their period are told not to come to the shrine during the period because they might interfere with the blessing.

She said: “If a woman on monthly periods comes to the shrine, she disturbs Madzibaba Noah’s praying power.”

The prophet who specialises in marital problems only attends to female clients.

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