It is rumoured that a young lady has died together with a married man she was having a secret relationship with after the car they were in got involved in an accident.

The man who was working at Mtonga B liquor shop in Chilobwe, was having an affair with a girl identified as Eliza.

According to the rumours circulating, on this fateful day, the two had a trip to Mwanza where they wanted to deliver some items.

The two were on their car which was accompanied by their colleagues who were driving a minibus.

The accident occurred on their way back as they were competing to see whose car would go faster than the other. It is rumoured they were all drunk while coming from delivering whatever items they had delivered.

While in the process, the car which the two were in tried to overtake their colleague’s minibus and it happened that there was another car coming ahead of them which they ended up hitting.

The two, Eliza and the man died on the spot while their colleagues in the minibus sustained severe injuries and they were rushed to Queen Elizabeth  Hospital in Blantyre.

The accident happened around 12 o`clock midnight and the message reached to their families around 2 a.m.

The man`s body was taken the following morning to his home district Nkhatabay while Eliza`s body was taken to Chikhwawa, her home district.

Rumours says that the man was married while Eliza was just a student.

An update of the story will come later as our sources are investigating more

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