The economy continues to get tougher and tougher, the poor getting poorer and poorer with no direction of where they are heading to, as a result leading to an increase in number of theft cases.

One example of those cases is the case of one woman who was caught just yesterday stealing in cash and carry shop which was formerly known as D.H Gelu house in area 2, Lilongwe.

The sad thing is that she was caught with her baby in hand.

By the look of things it seems the woman did this for her baby considering that one of the items she stole was NIDO powder milk.

But since a crime is a crime, the woman was caught and brought to book.

Reports say the staff at the shop became suspicious after seeing the woman failing to freely walk since the stolen items were hidden between her thighs.

Later she was caught and among the items she attempted to steal was Colgate toothpaste.

It is said that the lady stays in Lilongwe area 36.

Indeed these are desperate times that even women have to risk indulging themselves into awful activities just for their survival.

See her picture below








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