The lion which is believed to have escaped from a neighbouring country, Mozambique continues to put people of Senior Chief Ngabu in Chikhwawa district in fear as it is causing havoc to livestock in the area.

It is reportedly that the lion has since been attacking cattle in the area.

Brighton Kumchedwa who is the director of Department of National Parks and Wildlife has confirmed the news and said rangers have been given a task to trace the lion.

He added that they are treating the matter with urgency it needs hence game rangers are on the ground to control the beast and take it back to its protected area.

“I can confirm the lion suspected to have originated from Mozambique is indeed terrorizing area of Senior Chief Ngabu in Chikhwawa. Currently our game rangers are tracing the animal.

“However, we are calling on the communities to be on the lookout. They have to be very careful. They should not send children to go to maize fields or other areas until we have handled the situation,” stressed Kumchedwa.

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