An 18-year-old Nigerian girl has left the world in complete astonishment after getting admitted into fourteen of the top universities in the world. Of these schools, Harvard, Princeton, Stanford and Duke were listed.

Remarkably brilliant Nigerian girl gets admitted into 14 of the best universities in the world
Olawunmi Akinlemibola, the 18-year-old Nigerian girl who got admitted into 14 ivy league schools.

Akinlemibola became a sought-after student as a result of her 4.15 grade-point and the 53 college credits she had taken through the Prince George’s county school system’s dual enrollment program with local colleges.

Reports indicate that the bright Nigerian girl is not only a geek; she is well-rounded as she was at some point the captain of the school’s soccer team. Of the 300 students at the Lanham Maryland high school, Akinlemibola stood out in the group.

Remarkably brilliant Nigerian girl gets admitted into 14 of the best universities in the world
Akinlemibola with Stacy Kline, her counselor.

Stacy Kline, her counselor had nice words to say about her. “Wunmi is one of the top students I’ve ever had the privilege of working with,” Kline said. “And I say ‘privilege’ because she’s someone who has taken classes far beyond the ones I’ve taken — even in my master’s programs!”

Akinlemibola got admitted into the following universities:

  1. Harvard University
  2. Brown University
  3. Emory University
  4. Swarthmore University
  5. Grinnell College
  6. University of Chicago
  7. Amherst College
  8. University of Maryland, College park
  9. University of Maryland, Baltimore County
  10. Princeton University
  11. Cornell University
  12. Stanford University
  13. Duke University
  14. University of Pennsylvania
Remarkably brilliant Nigerian girl gets admitted into 14 of the best universities in the world
The remarkably bright girl had a grade point of 4.15.

Akinlemibola who had always been a voracious reader attributed her success to her curiosity and the climate at Duval. She offers study tips and strategies for tackling the classes that may be difficult with her mates.

The Nigerian girl said her mother is her source of inspiration and encouragement. The brainiac’s mother and her two sisters live in Nigeria so she communicates more with them on the phone.

The bright student who lives with her father in Prince George’s county revealed that her mother did not go to college and that her father works as a security officer. She and her two little sisters however enjoy learning.

Her mother is most likely to join them soon according to her. The older lady had promised that her two sisters will outshine her as soon as they get to the high school age. Akinlemibola accepted that they are smarter than her.

Although the intelligent girl is saddled with the responsibility of making a life changing decision with the schools lined up for her to choose, she is currently bothered about what to wear to prom.

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