A woman, Christinah Maila, has fainted after being delivered from her alleged spiritual husband that has been tormenting her.

The woman fainted after she was healed by a South African pastor, Penuel, of the End Times Disciples Ministries.

She succumbed to the power of the spirit after she was allegedly delivered from a ‘spiritual husband’ that has been tormenting her.

The man of God released a word of prophecy upon the church members during a service in search of someone who was suffering with the spiritual husband, as he spoke the woman came to the front and said that she is suffering from the spiritual husband.

He explained that the spirit makes men afraid of her.

He said: “there is a tension between you and your husband there is no peace you always fight; and you have been in periods for a quiet a longer period now.”.Maila confirmed the prophecy to be true and further explained that it has been almost two weeks.

Penuel said: “there is something inside her and immediately after prayer it will cause Ms Maila to go to toilet and they will get out of her system. He delivered her and declared her free.”

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