P Diddy’s former personal chef has filed a sexual harassment lawsuit, claiming the rapper employed her to serve up post-sex meals while he was naked.

In court documents obtained by TMZ Cindy Rueda says she was “regularly summoned by Mr. Combs to prepare and serve entrees and appetisers to him and his guests while Mr. Combs and/or his guests were engaged in or immediately following sexual activity.”

Rueda claims that, on more than one occasion, P Diddy – real name Sean John Combs – was still naked as she served “post-coital meals”, and that the music mogul asked her if she was attracted to his naked body.

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The lawsuit comes after Rueda was fired for allegedly stealing one of her employer’s watches in May 2016.

The former personal chef claims she was set up by another staff member because she had complained about sexual harassment, long working hours and low pay to one of Combs’ assistants.

According to court documents, Rueda was asked to sign an agreement waiving all rights to sue her superstar employer in exchange for a promise that she wouldn’t be sued for the alleged theft.

Rueda refused and was fired. She is now suing Combs for wrongful termination, sexual harassment, and violation of whistleblower protection, as well as wage violations, defamation and infliction of emotional distress.

P Diddy’s rep has since told TMZ, “This is a frivolous lawsuit by a disgruntled ex-employee who was fired for cause.”

Diddy himself posted a cryptic message on Instagram, implying the rapper will stay quiet on the matter.

source: TMZ


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