This is the moment a pack of dogs ripped a car to pieces so they could get to a cat hiding underneath.

Security camera footage believed to have been captured in China shows a small group of two or three dogs sniffing the ground and circling the vehicle.

Seconds later, more arrive before they set about demolishing the white car.

One of the hunters gets hold of the bumper and wrenches half of it off while some of the others gnaw at the tyres

The rest of the dogs then dive in under the bonnet to continue their search.

But when it doesn’t appear, another hound rips off the other half of the bumper.

By the end of the clip, the car’s front bodywork lies in tatters on the road – but there is still no sign of the cat.

It is not yet clear exactly where the surveillance footage was captured

see the video below

Source: dailymail

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