A Zambian man identified as Petros Mazano last week went home half naked when his wife Nyengeterai Mashungu bashed him and almost stripped him in front of vendors after he failed to explain what had happened to the school fees money he received from his brother in South Africa.

the husband

It is reported that Mazano deserted his family in 2012 to stay with his married lover Siphosisile Mbala in a different area.

Mashungu disclosed that she became angry when she got a call from Mbala bragging about how they had fun the previous night using the school fees money for her children to buy beer while she was at home drowning in sorrow.

“She (Mbala) called me telling me that she has a headache from a hangover after drinking beer all night using my children’s money for school fees that was sent by their uncle the previous night.

“What angered me is that he is not doing anything to support his children. I am struggling to provide for them and he has the guts to spend that money with a girlfriend. As if that was not enough his girlfriend called me too bragging that he used it to buy beer for her and she has a headache from a hangover.

“His brother told me that he had sent money to Petros and I asked him about the money as I wanted to go and pay for my children’s fees. He rudely answered me that he had used it on other important things. What could be more important than my children’s education?” said a Mashungu.

A witness claiming to be Mashungu’s friend said that Mbala was always in the habit of provoking Mashungu and sometimes came to their workplace walking with Mazano just to spite Mashungu.

“I have seen her messages and sometimes she comes here insulting my friend. She took a peace order against Mashungu so now she is always provoking her knowing fully well that Mashungu will not retaliate in fear of being arrested for violating the peace order,” she said.

When Mbala was contacted for a comment she denied calling Mashungu and said that she was no longer in a relationship with Mazano.

“Nyengeterai is a problem, I am no longer with her husband. I caught him with another woman. We are just friends now. I do not remember calling her. I last saw her last year,” said Mbala.

Mazano declined to reveal more on why he was beaten by his wife claiming that it was embarrassing.

“I do not want to talk about it, it embarrasses me. Do you think it’s something to talk about after such an embarrassment in public,” said Mazano before dropping the call.

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