Curvy socialite, Vera Sidika has come in open ground to say she does not believe  in marriage and she is looking for sp3rm donor, to have baby before she hits 30.

According to vera, who is 27 years old, she is not looking for a man to settle down for marriage with.

She just wants a baby before she hits 30.

Apparently, the curvy socialite doesn’t believe in marriage as most of her relationships   end before three months are over.

“I am not the kind that believes in marriage. Honestly, I don’t need a man to get a baby.

“I don’t think relationships are made for people like. I have been proposed to twice, once by a very prominent personality but that is not my thing.

“Every time, I try to date like three months and it doesn’t so I kind of stopped going that emotional way.

“I mean, I don’t want to 100 divorces and be branded heartbreaker,” she said in an interview

Vera further revealed how she is planning to get a baby saying, “sp3rm banks are here with us and there is nothing wrong   with taking that route.”


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