By Robert Kumwenda

President of Umodzi Party Professor John Chisi has attacked Mutharika on his state of the national address delivered on Friday last week during the official opening of the 2017,18 budget meeting by members of Parliament.

Speaking in an interview, Chisi noted that President Mutharika avoided very significant issues affecting the nation during his 1 hour speech.

“It is good that inflation is going down which is one good indicators of the government. There is economic growth but however on the ground these statistics do not show what is happening because poverty levels are getting worse than better.

“Shortage of essential things are rampant, these are indicators of poor economic growth yet we are told that the economy is growing,” he said.

The Umodzi Party leader said it would have been better if government would have given statistics of how many factories have been created as well as jobs.

He said that as Umodzi Party they have outlined what the country can do without donor support.

“With donor support now improvement will be seen. We commend government on corruption cases which the President outlined.

“However there are far cases that can be prosecuted and managed in Malawi,’ he said.

Professor Chisi further said that the Anti Corruption Bureau (ACB) and other agencies that fight against corruption should do their job without fear or favour.

“We expect that the budget which has been outlined to have serious attention on these and the budget should reflect issues that Malawians are facing,” he said.

Chisi, however wished government well for winning back donor support.

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