20-year-old woman, Kourtney Leigh allowed herself to be talked into getting a tattoo of her boyfriend’s name on her forehead.

Explaining why she had gotten the tattoos, Kourtney said ‘I do it because he’s paranoid and wants to have me branded.’

Her forehead is apparently not the only part of her body he’s branded, she also has his name stamped on her breast.

She has his name tattooed on her breast as well.

Her boyfriend Ryan Wibberley, a 23-year-old tattoo artist who goes by the name Wibbo, claims he has persuaded 39 ex-girlfriends to get his name tattooed on them.
He claims he has 50 tatoos on his body and tatooed Koutney’s name on his hand.
Ryan Wibberley
Most didn’t go for the face, but apparently legs, arms, fingers and backsides instead.

“I just get pissed up and I get my tattoo gun out. It’s a laugh,” he told the Sun.  “It’s not taking advantage because they want it done.”

“I’ve got Kourtney’s name on my hand, but she’s the only ex whose name I’ve got done.

“I’ve branded her like Heinz Beans,” he bragged.


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