By orchestra Kamanga

Managing Director for Maranatha Natural Healing Ministry Dr. M. Nkhutabasa has said his Ministry is manufacturing herbals that looks both side spiritually and body life.

“As a ministry we believe that herbal therapy began in the Garden of Eden (Genesis 1vs29) and we started manufacturing herbal products from God’s nature in 2012,” he said.

Dr Nkhutabasa also said he believe that when a person is sick he or she cannot worship God therefore we encourage our Clients to pray before administering (taking) the products.

“These herbal products have nutritional power that may have benefit in boosting body immunity and detoxification, regulating sugar level, improving eye sights, inhibiting cancer cells, healing wounds, arthritis, dealing with menstrual disorders, restoring fertility, controlling heypertation (BP) just to mention but a few.

“I learnt to manufacture the products when I was at Bethseda school in Ghana in 2011 where they train herbal therapy lessons,” he said,” adding that he also travelled in different countries which include as Sudan, South Africa, Kenya, Uganda, Ethiopia.

Dr Nkhutabasa said he believe a healthy family makes health Malawi hence manufacturing the products.

“Maranatha Natural Healing Ministry started manufacturing herbal products in 2012. The price are very low ranging from K3, 000 to K8, 000 so that people should afford to buy. We sell Morika wonderful herbal powder, Tamanu Juice and BSM herbal Syrup,” he said.

With the branches in Mzuzu, Lilongwe, Zomba and all districts in the country the Ministry has its headquarters in Malawi commercial city, Blantyre and is locate in Trade fair stand number 26B.

The ministry’s future is to introduce door to door herbal therapy and to open branches outside the country like South Africa, Mozambique, Zimbabwe and Zambia where there is high demand of the products.

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