A man and his wife are living their private life in a hard way as the husband`s stepfather knocked down their bedroom wall to stare whatever the couple does in the room.

The wife, Pulane Mofokeng said her husband’s stepfather allegedly wants them to leave the house and that is why he is making their lives hell.

Pulane Mofokeng claims her stepdad spies on them to make them leave the house

“We think this is his way of chasing us away but we are not going anywhere. He no longer sleeps in his bedroom. He sleeps on the couch in the living-room so he can watch us making love. Even when we are sleeping, he stands and watches us,” claimed Pulane.

“I have a small baby and the conditions we live under are difficult. He says this is his house and he has the right to do whatever he wants.”

The trouble started last Wednesday when the stepfather, Mojalefa Serue, took a hammer and knocked down their bedroom wall.

The frustrated couple from Honeydew, west of Joburg said they have no privacy, after Mojalefa took a big hammer and knocked down their bedroom wall.

The stepfather can now look into their bedroom if they are making love or bathing.

Pulane’s husband, Mohapi Letsie, said the house belonged to his dead mother and they are not going anywhere.

“He was never even the owner of the house. He was my mother’s boyfriend. They were never married. He has his own house. We don’t know why is he so greedy.

“This house belongs to my mum and I’m not giving it to him,” said Mohapi.

He said they have been to court and the stepfather’s claims have been dismissed many times.

Community leader Kenneth Lekalakala said the stepfather has no claim to the house as he doesn’t have papers to prove anything.

Mojalefa told Daily Sun: “I don’t regret making a hole in the wall. It’s my right to do that because it’s my house. I will not stop making life difficult for Pulane and Mohapi until I get the house. I shared this house with my woman until she died.”

A case of malicious damage to property was opened at Honeydew Police Station.

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