Sometime sick person while on dying bed may gather little effort to tell relatives what it is supposed to be done on their funeral day if not woes will continue.

In Malawi if not the entire Africa in past, old people used to tell their children how they could be buried, when such  measures were not followed the relatives used to suffer different calamities.

The same event has happened   yesterday in Dedza,  Traditional Authority  Kaphuka when elderly man died in  on of remote areas.

The son to decease was seen pouring water from room to fall on dead body on its resting mat inside.

The reports indicate that if they could not do that everybody could follow him to grave.

The residents in community were all astounded at  development, some seemed to forget that they were at funeral ceremony, they stood up in shock and seemed electrocuted.

According to Chancellor College, Theology and religious studies (TRS) Alumni Whats-app  group has described the situation as normal.

” Kukhwima osati because ena ukapanda kutero mtembo sumatuluka bokosi limafufuma likafika pakhomo osakwana. Pokhapokha mupange zomwe malemu akufuna,” comment one on post.




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