A Cambodian woman, Khim Hang has shocked people after she married a five month old calf that she believe it’s the reincarnation of her dead husband.

The 74-year-old woman claims the calf behaves and resembles like her deceased husband, Tol Khut who died more than a year ago.

“I believe that my calf is my husband because whatever he does it’s exactly the same with what my husband used to do when he was still alive,” she told the media.

Khim Hang and the calf

The young cow which has attracted Cambodia’s social media was born in March this year.

Up to 100 people visit the woman`s house every day to see the calf that she claims behave like her late husband.

The young calf has a video in which it was seen going up the woman`s house upstairs which people don’t believe it really was a calf doing that.

“I thought it was quite unusual to see a cow go up to the house like this,” wondered Thach Vin, one of the people who watched the video.

The calf is fed, washed and put to bed with a pillow which was once used by Khim Hang.

The woman, Khim Hang promises to keep the calf throughout her life saying they are one family.

Cambodia is 95 percent Buddhist and many people believe dead people re-birth through animals and etc.

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